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About Us 

We are the Bridport Youth and Community Centre Trust.

Two years ago Dorset County Council withdrew all funding for the Centre and the the BYCC was set to close. However thanks to six trustees and a handful of volunteers and funding the Centre was saved. 


The BYCC are very proud of the work that we do and the difference we make to peoples lives that live within Bridport and neighbouring villages. We offer an array of activities, services and initiatives for people of all ages, from all walks of life. We want people to enjoy the centre and the services it has to offer. We are ' Your Community Centre!'.

Our Key Objectives 

Our primary objective is to help prevent social isolation within our community, promote well-being and make people feel part of the community. Social isolation can lead to depression and poor mental health. People under the age of 21 and those over 55 are more likely to be affected by this. According to Age Concern a large percentage of retirees suffer from depression as generally family's have their own lives, they often no longer have the social circles they once had or have suffered the loss of a spouse. This is particular cause for concern for Dorset as it is the 2nd most popular place to retire in the UK*.

What We Do

The BYCC provide a Youth Club three times a week. We have over 200 Youth Club members. Our DRB Youth Workers put on activities for young people to experience and as well as provide a listening ear outside of the parent/teacher remit.

We run a host of other activities for young people. Here at the BYCC you will find a Lottery funded young people’s vehicle project, which attracts many youngsters giving them the opportunity to work with qualified mechanics repairing and maintaining motor vehicles. Some of these youngsters have gone on to secure apprenticeships with local garages. Our 30 year old boxing, provides girls boys and young adults with training and chances to compete in a professional ring three days a week. We boast a fully equipped recording studio giving youngsters interested in the Bridport music scene an appropriate ‘space’ for practising and turning their ‘creations’ into recordings.

By providing a safe place for young people to hang out, it keeps them off the streets and helps prevent bored teenagers which can sometimes lead to anti-social behaviour. It also gives the young people a chance to experience new activity or interest, have fun and meet new friends.

For the over 50's we host a walking football and table tennis club. Our aim is to get the over 50s off their chairs, away from the TV and out socializing with people of a similar age, having fun and getting physically fit in the process.

Supporting Local Charities

The BYCC supports local charities by providing them a safe space and facilities to use. We support many mental health and well-being groups for those isolated and in need of support. This attracts a considerable following and in some cases is literally a ‘life-line’ for some people. Unfortunately, the Bridport area has been identified as having many young people in need of support and mentoring and a safe and secure ‘home’ for these youngsters has been found at the Centre.

However all this takes money. Want to keep the BYCC accessible and affordable for all. We have been successful with some of our Trust Fund applications, fund raising activities and income generation which ‘feeds’ the ‘boring’ expenditure such as lighting, heating maintenance etc. In areas like ours applying to Trust Funds is getting harder with preference being given to large urban conurbations. But we ‘battle’ on!

if you would like to support the BYCC visit our 'Get Involved' page for more information.​


Meet The Team

Gemma Thorpe
 Lead Youth Worker
Charlie Sparrow
Youth Worker
Katrina Polanska
Centre Manager
Mark Tozer
Youth Worker
Catriona Gorman
Youth Worker
Gill Allen
Youth Worker
Jess Wyles
Youth Worker
Charlie Symes
Youth Worker
Louise Perry
Stay & Play 

Mary Haggett
Caretaker, Stay & Play, Youth 
Verity Clark
Youth Worker

Meet The Board of Trustees

Joe Hackett 
Associate Trustee
Leigh Hansford
Kelvin Clayton
Chair of Trustees
Helen Farmer
Youth Worker
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