Rooms & Facilities

Here at the BYCC we have a wide range of facilities and rooms for hire and can accommodate all sorts of meetings, events, clubs and activities.

We've recently started offering hot desking at affordable rates, pay-per-day.

On Saturday's all our facilities are available for hire for children's Birthday parties. 

We'd love for you to use our spaces so get in touch to find out more. For information about our rooms, facilities, rates and availability, please contact Katrina on 01308 422 009 or 


Need A Venue?

Sports Hall
Size: 25m x 15m
Max Capacity: 400 people

An amazing large space that can be transformed to host birthday parties, events, weddings, gigs, exhibitions, art/ dance/ fitness classes, sports activities and lots more...

Fully equipped kitchen also available

Large MeetingRoom
Size: 7.6m x 8.4m
Max Capacity: 45 people

Ideal for large meetings, social clubs, talks and educational sessions. Features an adjoining fully equipped kitchen.
Facilities: Sofas, tables, chairs, white board, projector and screen.

Small Meeting Room
Size: 6m x 4.8m
Max Capacity: 25 people

Great for meetings, used as hub or office space. Can be set up with or without a table.
Facilities: White board, flip board, tabes, chairs, portable projector and screen.

The Art Room
Size: 5m x 4.8m
Max Capacity: 10 people

Great for meetings, craft sessions and educational sessions. Features a hand washing facility.

Fully equipped kitchen also available

The Pool Room
Size: 6.6mx6m
Max Capacity: 20 people

A creative space to chill-out and hold casual meetings or social clubs. Features an adjoining small kitchen. 
Facilities: Settees and pool table.


The Sound Studio

Size: 35m²

Max Capacity: 12 people

The Sound Studio comprises of a recording room and an isolation room. Both rooms have been designed  to achieve the desired acoustic properties and are ideal for music projects and film sound post-production.

Facilities: Workstation, audio interface, microphone, speakers and stools.

Wheelchair Access
We also have a stair lift available to enable wheelchair access to the 1st floor.


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